About AllVascular

AllVascular at a glance

•  Has several world-wide patents for the AVAS and Venocuff
•  Has established world-wide distribution channels
•  Is Australian owned
•  Was built by vascular surgeons and biomedical engineers



Since AllVascular’s inception in 2006, the company has been focused on clinical research and the development of intellectual property for the AVAS. The AVAS commenced clinical trials at Macquarie University Hospital in 2012. Initially used to facilitate a treatment for people suffering from liver cancer, the device is now being tested for its compatibility with other cancerous organs. In 2014 we expect the AVAS to be used in a multicentre clinical trial treating people with pancreatic cancer. Throughout this time the company has retained a team of highly skilled staff including trained vascular surgeons and biomedical engineers.


Our mission is to build safe medical devices for the human vascular system in order to broaden patient treatment options for otherwise untreatable diseases.